From the Stockroom - May 2015

8 May, 2015

McRae's Flat
Peter Peryer - Mcrae's Flat Gold Mine

This stunning Peter Peryer colour photograph from 1977 depicts a very different Central Otago landscape. The image shows a massive pit being dug at Mcrae's Flat, as part of the process of extracting gold. These trucks are colossal - each can carry 190 tons of rock - yet through Peryer's lens they look like mere toys against the sheer magnitude of the rock face.

This 920 x 1100mm work is #4 of an edition of 10, and is handsomely presented in a wide silver-grey frame. It was hung as part of a group show at our High St gallery in 2009.





Female photographers further their practice

17 April, 2015

Fiona Pardington
A survey show of Fiona Pardington's work will open at Wellington's City Gallery mid-August. A book will accompany the exhibition. We'll keep you updated...

Anne Noble
From mid-April, Anne Noble is doing a residency in France for a month, culminating in a multimedia installation around bees - subject matter she has worked with for the last year or two. More details to come...

 Spectregraph #03





Jonathan Smart's artists doing good things in March...

4 March, 2015

Lonnie Hutchinson: Black Bird
6th March - 2nd May 2015
Gus Fisher Gallery

Sista GirlOn Friday the sixth of March, Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland opens a survey show of Lonnie Hutchinson's work spanning almost two decades. Hutchinson's practice conceptualizes the many intersections affecting her life, including Samoan-Maori descent and an on-going relationship with feminism.

A major publication of Lonnie Hutchinson's work is imminent. With contributions from Linda Tyler, Karl Chitham and Ioana Gordon-Smith, and Stephanie Oberg, the book is designed by Neil Pardington and produced to accompany the above major survey show Black Bird, showing at the Gus Fisher Gallery until May 2.


History in the Taking: 40 Years of PhotoForum
14th March - 14th June 2015
City Gallery

A large exhibition celebrating Photoforum's 40th anniversary is coming to Wellingtons City Gallery. The show displays 150 photographs from a wide range of artists including Margaret Dawson, Peter Peryer, Anne Noble along with extensive historical material to contextualize the images.

Michael Parekowhai: The Promised Land

28th March - 21st June 2015

Michael Parekowhai has a significant show opening at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane at the end of March 2015.The exhibition will showcase a range of objects past and present, as well as producing an impressive publication to accompany the works.



Jonathan Smart takes an Exhibition of NZ Artists to Mumbai

10 April, 2014

Jonathan Smart Gallery is proud to announce a budding international relationship with the Chatterjee and Lal Gallery of Mumbai. Artist Sanjay Theodore has proved an exciting catalyst for a considerable show of New Zealand artists, which he is curating for the Mumbai gallery.
Jonathan has facilitated the transportation and installation of work from Fiona Pardington, Rob Hood, Chris Heaphy, Nathan Pohio, Michael Parekowhai, Greta Anderson and Yuk King Tan. The exhibition, entitled The Network, will be open from Thursday the 10th of April until Saturday the 7th of June at the Chatterjee & Lal Gallery. A sister show will be held at the Jonathan Smart Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand in February 2015, displaying a range of works from India.
This reciprocal project will be of great value to the visual arts of both countries, and will encourage ongoing cultural discourse. We are very grateful for the enthusiastic support from Mortimer Chatterjee, Tara Lal and Sanjay Theodore.