The Dance of the Hooligans

September 8 - October 3, 2015

Dick Frizzell
front gallery - installation
front gallery - The Dance of the Hooligans, 4 panels
back gallery - installation

The following artist's statement by Dick Frizzell is from the exhibition catalogue The Dance of the Hooligans, first held at Gow Langsford Gallery in 2013.

The Dance of the Hooligans: the painting.
"This monstrous production (the exhibition's title work comprising of 4 panels, 2500 x 7200mm) is a sort of scrapbook painting. A vast repository of all the ideas and images that I've accumulated over the last 50 years or so that never found a conceptual or aesthetic home in any previous context.

The plan - such as it was - was to build the largest canvas my painting wall could contain and then glue or paint all this alarmingly diverse material on it at random - and see what happened.

What happened was that all sorts of interesting and insistent organising principles kept intruding into the process which made me aware - more than ever - that we have to be constantly alert to the often inhibiting guidelines we erect around ourselves for moral and intellectual support.

There was a lot of liberating going on with this dance..."

The Hooligans     Man Mowing

..."I was struck by how much great material I had accumulated over the years - and how much stuff had never been 'dealt to' - the notebooks and lists of orphaned ideas - and I decided that now might be an appropriate time to somehow gather it all together. It seemed to me that there must be some reason that I'd dragged this stuff around with me for so long and if I DID deal to it I might find out what that reason was!

As the vast piles of hitherto unexploited resource material got glued or painted onto the 'narratively camouflaged' and alarmingly disparate Hooligan canvases, the 'lost paintings' emerging into the sunlight from the rear of the storage racks also seemed to be calling out for some sort of attention..."


Selected works

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Break a Leg


Look at Them As Though You Were There


E.T.A. (The Falling Sky)


Escape from Salvation #15 (The Failure of the Resurrection)


Blue Tiki     New and Improved


I Can See for Miles and Miles     The Laughing River


Science is the One True Knowledge    Hartland


Black Constructivist Stump    Hammer Song


One and a Half Bricks     Mallet



Details of works
The Hooligans, 2013    oil on linen    1500 x 1500mm
Blue Tiki, 2010    oil on canvas    1000 x 1000mm
Hartland, 2001    oil on linen    750 x 750mm
Untitled, 1995    oil on board    500 x 400mm
Mallet, 1996    acrylic on canvas    350 x 500mm
Man Mowing, 2008    oil on board    550 x 550mm  
The Laughing River, 2003    oil on linen    500 x 500mm 
I can See for Miles and Miles, 2003    oil on linen    500 x 500mm  
Black Constructivist Stump, 1996    oil on wood    595 x 590mm
Circular See Saw, 1993    oil & collage on canvas    300 x 355mm
E.T.A (The Falling Sky), 2013    acrylic on linen    1800 x 2450mm  
New and Improved, 2013    oil & enamel on linen    1200 x 1300mm 
One and a Half Bricks (diptych), 1998    oil on linen    800 x 1200mm  
Science is the One True Knowledge, 2001    oil on canvas    495 x 495mm 
Break a Leg, 2013    acrylic on paper collage on canvas    1500 x 2100mm
Hammer Song, 2000    mixed media (oil, board & hammer)    500 x 500mm  
Look At Them As Though You Were There, 2013    oil on linen    1800 x 2200mm 
The Dance of the Hooligans, 2013  oil, acrylic & collage on canvas  4 panels, 2500 x 7200mm 
Escape from Salvation #15 (The Failure of the Resurrection), 2013    oil on linen    1800 x 2500mm