Rock 'n' Roll  30 years on...     2018     Group Show

About Balance and Occupation    2018    Andrew Drummond

Omnium Gatherum    2016    Julia Morison

Swelter House    2022    Oliver Perkins

equipoise    2022    Neil Dawson

The Order of Things    2015    Neil Pardington

Stonewall    2022    Anton Parsons

the merriest    2016    Miranda Parkes

Bitch in Slippers    2014    Anne Noble

The Floating World    2017    Chris Heaphy

future sectional carbonised stomach compulsion earth pathology    2019    Robert Hood

2ND LOOK    2016    Neil Dawson

Aukia / Waiting    2022    John Pule

In Search of the Saccharine Underground    2021    Mark Braunias

3(.)6 degrees of separation    2022    Julia Morison

Black Watch Deployments    2015    Pauline Rhodes

Vision Tunnel    2019    Tjalling de Vries

easy hard    2018    Marie Le Lievre

Kumi Ē Manatu (Finding Black Tapa Memories)    2022    Stone Maka

Let Me Remember My Song In The Night    Pete Wheeler    2021

Prospecting    2018    Leigh Martin

Spyglass field recordings Vol 4: Sfakia - day for night    2018    Nathan Pohio

Son of Mang    2018    Mark Braunias

Wet Plate    2022    Tyne Gordon

Everyday Life    2022    Chris Heaphy

the uncommon good    2017    et al

Space Invaders     2022     Group Show

Species    2022    Rob Hood

Group Show #54    2016    works by Kristin Stephenson (Hollis)

Other Space    2015    Megan Jenkinson

Vibre    2016    Group Show

Motu    2016    Sanjay Theodore

Tales From Elsewhere    2017    Richard Reddaway

Blue Rinse    2018    Emily Hartley-Skudder

OPEN NOW    Strange Pomander    2021    Zina Swanson