Water Glass

November 21 - December 16, 2023

installation view

 installation view

 installation view

installation view

 installation view

installation view

installation view

 installation view


Water Glass is an exhibition of watercolours on paper by Mark Braunias, alongside glass work made in collaboration with Jarred Wright. The following paragraphs are extracts from Mark's artist statement...

"During the Covid lockdown of 2020, I received a DM on my Instagram account from @jw_glassart . I had no idea who this person was. A Jarred Wright from Queensland had wanted to know if he could use one of my translucently painted forms to make a glass work piece. I was immediately intrigued. Back in 2017 when I first started to investigate washes of color to create the illusion of fluid dimensionality, I recognized their glass-like 2D quality. I began to exploit that sensibility and it informed my development with shape. So it seemed like a very natural transition to literally make ‘glass’. When I discovered that as well as his own glass art practice, Jarred also worked for laboratories making medical instruments/apparatus, it made perfect sense to let the hot air blow...

...In terms of my process with these drawings, I begin each work from the inside. There are no preliminary pencil outlines. Using a dripping wet brush of colour and water, I slowly work to the outside edge. The white of the paper is activated as space, and my controlled contour is crucial to the overall physicality of the shapes. Like a fluid-immersed alchemist, I attempt to bring these creatures to life. It’s less Shelley’s Frankenstein and slightly more Mr Magoo’s plasma fully formed. Within a pictorial context however, this body of work places an overt emphasis on the use of line. In this instance though, the line is essentially invisible. Its existence resides in the subtle collision of two opposing spaces. A figure/ground relationship nuanced.

These studies were then 'We Transferred' to Brisbane. I gave no exact specifications for how the collaborative transformative stage should be undertaken. Jarred Wright independently selected certain works he considered would suit his processes. The 3D pieces in this show are, by association, interpretive responses. They are not copies or a replication of the drawings. They take on a new life of their own through the methodology of glass blowing and Jarred’s informed decision-making. Feedback is given at various stages, and at times implemented into new works..."


Glass works

Sienna Shamrock


Candy Lavender


Teak Tan


Turquoise Amber


Indigo Crystal


Selected works on paper

Untitled Study (wop 1) Untitled Study (wop 2)


Untitled Study (wop 5) Untitled Study (wop 7)


Untitled Study (wop 8) Untitled Study (wop 6)


Untitled Study (wop 20) Untitled Study (wop 21)


Untitled Study (wop 16) Untitled Study (wop 18)


Untitled Study (wop 30) Untitled Study (wop 31)


Untitled Study (wop 13) Untitled Study (wop 11) Untitled Study (wop 14)


Untitled Study (wop 24) Untitled Study (wop 26) Untitled Study (wop 28)



Details of works