Spyglass Field Recordings, Vol.1

July 14 - August 2, 2009

Nathan Pohio


Arise Forth

Nathan Pohio usually makes moving images. However, Spyglass Field Recordings, Vol.1, Pohio's second solo exhibition at Jonathan Smart Gallery, comprises mainly stills - a body of work undertaken while the inaugural James Ormond Wallace fellow at La Rongere, in northern France.

Go Ask AliceEmerge Into EarthFinding fascination in a little watercourse behind the Chateau at La Rongere, Pohio worked both day and night, and the results are enchanting and full of intimate detail. By taking various approaches to using cameras and lenses, Pohio was able to achieve a pin-hole effect, with the images becoming rounded and loosing focus in places, often around their edges. The appearance may look contrived, but this is merely the artist making marks... in this instance, with light.
Pohio's photographs are not manipulated in their printing in any way, though occasionally he does present them upside down.

RobotUltimately, these charming little observations of the world around him appear more real than real. We are invited into wonderland. Titles like Go Ask Alice and Emerge from  Earth, along with the tondo format placed discretely and variously within each matt, add to the Victorian spy-glass feel. This is a simple and sophisticated show. Nathan Pohio is an artist with a wonderful visual sensibility, who brings rare scrutiny to the little things around him. Images like Robot and What Was Found There are an absolute treat.


Wonderland          For The Love Of Bibwitt Harte         What Was Found There


Selected works

Gucci in the sky


Shore Leave

Once found there


List of works:
Go Ask Alice
Arise Forth
Shore Leave
Emerge Into Earth
For The Love Of Bibwitt Harte
What Was Found There
Once Found There
Gucci In The Sky

All works are hand-held photographs, not modified or manipulated by new technology.
They are digital photographs in editions of 3. And each is either
500 x 400mm framed (or the reverse) depending on their portrait or landscape format.

DVD:  Riders On The Storm   1/3  

The artist would like to warmly acknowledge the generous assistance of the James Ormond Wallace Trust, which funds a Residency in La Rongere, France, where Nathan undertook this work in April / May, 2008.