August 27 - September 21, 2019

Kristin Stephenson (Hollis)
front gallery - installation view
front gallery - installation view
front gallery - installation view
front gallery - installation view
front gallery - installation view
front gallery - installation view
Kristin Stephenson (Hollis's) new exhibition is titled simply, Skin. We know the range of mark-making in her drawing has long been compelling. Charcoal is variously rubbed, scrubbed and stabbed to describe the form of things, or the skin of things one might say. But here in the big work, The Potter (C.L.), the skin of the drawing, a surface that very much betrays the rhythms of its making, is more important than any likeness to the subject (Cheryl Lucas) herself.
The Potter (C.L.)
So does Stephenson actually get us under the skin of things? Very probably. We see local critic Andrew Paul Wood giving of himself in ways never revealed before - a process of undressing if you like, of getting beneath the skin of things, involving both artist and sitter over several weeks early this year. The give and take in this nuanced process is revealed in an unexpectedly tender and prone back view presented here in APW #1.
APW #1
Potsdamer PlatzOtherwise, the drawings range in scale and in age from the very recent to several from years past. Woolly (Third), 26 & 27 June 2007 comes from a long and fine line of maniacal sheep. The small framed ballpoint on paper Potsdamer Platz, 2009 has a concentrated sinuous energy to it, that is both very vital and wonderfully old-school in feel.
The coloured painted elements in the show feel more contemporary. There is a variable but soft, strawberry pink ground in R.H. (as J.B.) that adds lustre and presence to the powerful line in the work. Pussy's brushstrokes cleverly suggest both agitation and something more voyeuristic, whilst in Dream, Dream Baby, orange at the top and along both edges conjures poise and unease simultaneously, in a painting that is somehow both elegant and desperately human at the same time.
Dream, Dream Baby        R.H. (as J.B.) 

Selected works

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APW #5


Woolly (Third)




T.S.Drawing #1      T.S.Drawing #2      T.S.Drawing #3


T.S.Drawing #5     T.S.Drawing #4      C.L. 



List of works

The Potter, 2019       charcoal, acrylic & pencil on paper       1400 x 2855mm      

R.H. (as J.B.), 2018/19       charcoal, oil, acrylic & pencil on paper      1890 x 1030mm     

APW #5, 2019       charcoal on paper       1910 x 1410mm     

APW #1, 2019       charcoal on paper       750 x 1410mm      

Woolly (Third), 26 & 27 June 2007       charcoal on paper       1530 x 1090 fr      

Dream, Dream Baby, 2019     oil, acrylic, charcoal & pencil on canvas     1520 x 760mm    

Pussy, 2018       oil and acrylic on canvas       910 x 600mm      

Potsdamer Platz, 2009       ball-point on paper       215 x 145mm fr       

C.L., 2019        watervolour and ink on paper       310 x 240mm fr      

T.S. Drawings #1 - 5, 2007       mixed media on paper       250 x 180mm      



the artist and APW #5
the artist and APW #5