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Kristin Stephenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Between the ages of 3 and 11 she grew up in the oil fields of Venezuela, before attending boarding school in England. She drew constantly, and her aptitude for art was early recognised when as a 17-year-old she was offered a place to study painting at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Instead, she did a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication & Printmaking at Reading University, then went on to work in publishing in London. In 1968 Kristin (now Hollis) moved to NZ, initially living in Napier, then Nelson, before undertaking her BFA (Hons) in painting in 1996 at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch. She graduated with First Class Honours in 1997 and was awarded the Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship. The following year she received an MFA (Distinction) in painting.

Her first two solo shows in Christchurch were at CoCA in 2001, followed in 2002 by exhibitions in Nelson & Christchurch. She was the winner of the CoCA /Guthrey Travel Award in 2003, then won the Cranleigh Barton Drawing Award in 2005. Exhibitions followed at the Brooke/Gifford Gallery, PG 192 and at Chambers, before she joined Jonathan Smart Gallery in 2014.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2001   Headline, Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Christchurch
2001   Stuff, Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Christchurch
2002   Close, The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson
2002   Close, Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch
2006   Cat Farming, Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Christchurch
2007   Taking Stock, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
2009   The Cat Farmers Wife (Part Two) Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
2010   Small Stuff, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
2010   Big Stuff, CoCA, Christchurch (initially deferred because of Sept 2011 earthquake)
2012   The Nic Drawings, Papergraphica, Christchurch
2013   The Warren Feeney Portraits, Papergraphica, Christchurch
2014   Passenger, Chambers Art Gallery, Christchurch
2015   Painting, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2017   Unpicked, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2019   Skin, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2019  Objects D'Art, PG Gallery 192, Christchurch
2020  Skinning, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012   works from Survival Kit, Opening show, Chambers Art Gallery, Christchurch
2013   Tomorrow will be the same (but not as this), Aloca Mandura Art Gallery, Western Australia
2014   Choice, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2016   Group Show #54, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2018   Rock 'n' Roll - 30 Years On, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2019   The Head and The Heart, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch

Scholarships and Awards

1997   Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship
2002   winner of the CoCA /Guthrey Travel Award
2002   runner-up of the CoCA Contemporary Art Award
2003   merit in the Cranleigh Barton Drawing Award
2005   winner of the Cranleigh Barton Drawing Award


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The Spirit of the Thing, Paintings by Kristin Hollis, written by Sally Blundell, Art NZ Issue #147, Spring 2014