Jungle Fever

July 19 - August 6, 2011

Jo Langford
Jungle Fever (detail)
Jungle Fever (detail)   Jungle Fever

Floating dense

this billowed plastic baroque;

divaricating and almost viral through space

something might be on the march

or on the spawn…

Bubble / wrapped

pocked and painted;

hot orange flowers with stamens of yellow

mix fresh turmeric, a dash of saffron and light touch to floor

t'is Jungle Fever by Joanna Langford.

Jungle Fever (detail)   Jungle Fever (detail)  
Jungle Fever (detail)    Jungle Fever (detail)
Jungle Fever, 2011
bubblewrap, plastic, insulation tape, wire
dimensions variable

Honey in the Rock Drawings #1 - #3, 2011
polystyrene balls, paint, plastic
350 x 470 x 100mm framed

Honey in the Rock #2   Honey in the Rock #3