Joanna Langford

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

  • 2004 - Showstoppers

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2004   Master of Fine Arts (Painting), Canterbury University
1999   Bachelor of Media Arts (Painting), Wintec, Hamilton

Awards / Residencies / Experience

2010   Frances Hodgkins Fellow, Otago University
2008   Icelandic Residency, SIM Association, Reykjavik
2007   Tylee Cottage Residency, Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui
2007   Royal Overseas League Residency,  London / Scotland
2006   Olivia Spencer-Bower Fellowship, Christchurch
2004   Art Tutor, Wintec, Hamilton

Selected Exhibitions

2013   Asia Pacific Triennial,  Crawl Space, Brisbane, Australia
2013   Shifting Sands, Tauranga Art Gallery, Tauranga
2013   The Lightness,  Rotorua Gallery, Rotorua

2012   The High Country, Scape  Public Art, Christchurch
2012   Out of the Dusk, Four Plinths commission, Te papa Forecourt, Wellington

2011   Jungle fever, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2011   Beyond Nowhere, Architecture and Landscape, Pataka Museum of Arts
           and Culture, Wellington
2011   Honey in the Rock, Hocken Gallery, Dunedin

2010   Out of the Grasslands, 'Built', Hokianga Art Gallery, Rawene
2010   Beneath the Blue, Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington
2010   The Howling Country, 'Under Construction', The New Dowse Gallery

2009   Up from the Plainlands, Commission, Christchurch Art Gallery
2009   The Landless, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin
2009   The Beautiful and the Damned, 'AC/DC', Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
2009   The Beautiful and the Damned, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2009   'Beyond Nowhere', 'Second Life', Group show, Pataka, Wellington
2009   The Whisper Lands, Commission, Auckland Art Fair, Auckland
2009   The Before Lands, 'My Own Private Idealogue', Gertrude Contemporary Art
            Spaces, Melbourne, Australia

2008   Baltic Wanderer, SIM House, Reykjavík, Iceland
2008   Passing Night, 'ROSL Scholars Exhibition', Oxo Tower Gallery, London, UK
2008   The Beautiful and the Damned, Hirschfeld Gallery, Wellington City Gallery
2008   Twilight Falls, 'Open window Series', Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth
2008   Grey Gardens, 'Private Park', Group show, Mary-Newton Gallery, Wellington
2008   Brave Days, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington

2007   Down from the Nightlands, Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui
2007   The Cloud Watchers, Group Show, Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui
2007   Astray, Group show, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton
2007   At the Violet Hour, 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf', Te Tuhi , Auckland 
2007   the quietening', Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch

2006   Beyond Nowhere - Diorama's, 'Triple Candy', Jonathan Smart Gallery, ChCh
2006   Out of Erewhon, Christchurch Art Gallery

2005   Jitterbug, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2005   The Wanderers, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland

2004   One Day on Cone Island 'Craft is Love', Jonathon Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2004   Mini Migration, 'Bloom'. 64zero3, Christchurch
2004   World Miniature Theatres, 'Duets', Ramp Gallery, Hamilton
2004   Candy Mountain, 'Remember New Zealand', Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil
2004   The Big Rock Candy Castle, 'The Waikato National Art Awards', Hamilton
2004   Tea Party, 'The New Alchemist', COCOA, Christchurch
2004   Binoculars (Shabby Dresser series), 'Talk to the Dumbness', Rm 103, Akl
2004   The Big Rock Candy Castle, The Kiosk, Christchurch
2004   The Flower People, 'Sampler Series', The Physics Room, Christchurch
2004   The Sky People, 'Urban Legends', Bartley-Nees Gallery, Wellington
2004   Land of Sweet, 'Show Stoppers', Jonathon Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2004   Scenic Vista, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin
2004   'Mr and Mrs Pink's fabulous Collection', HSP Christchurch & Blue Oyster
            Gallery, Dunedin

2003   'Picnic', Platform 01, Hamilton
2003   Shabby Dresser, Fresh Gallery, Christchurch
2003   Roaming Homes, 'Labrats', Edison Hall, Christchurch
2003   Lollipop, 'Follow the White Rabbit', Artspace, Auckland
2003   Suave Suites, 'Reaching Out, Calling New Age Power', Enjoy Gallery, Wgtn
2003   Cardboard Tales, High Street Project, Christchurch


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