Darholm vs Shivlack

February 12 - March 6, 2021

  • Charrette van Eekelen

Darholm vs Shivlack: installation view, front gallery

installation view: Sky Flyer; Mini; Tiny; The Pancake King; Fluffy

installation view: Rex the Killer; Sophoenix; Swamp Boy

installation view: Waddle; Invisible Man, Invisible Boy; Afro Elephant; Slither; Beast of Darholm

There are heroes and villains on both sides; men and beasts and many in between; fighting for what? Glory, money, honour, or simply an end to war? The conflict and the time are unknown. All that is known is the battle between the two kingdoms: Darholm and Shivlack. Come, see their stories.

Darholm vs Shivlack is a mixed media exhibition by Charrette Van Eekelen. From the sketches of her son’s fictional video game, she has re-created ideas into rich imaginative assemblages. Materials have been sourced from all over the world and integrated with hand-stitched embroidery.


Individual Works

Tiny Afro Elephant

Tiny - detail

Waddle Swamp Boy

Swamp Boy - detail

Sky Flyer Mini

Mini - detail

The Pancake King Fluffy

The Pancake King - detail

Rex the Killer Sophoenix

Sophoenix - detail

Beast of Darholm Invisible Man, Invisible Boy

Invisible Man, Invisible Boy - detail


Slither - detail


Jonathan and Charrette installing her show, with Sadie looking on...



Details of works