July 13 - August 12, 2023

installation view - front gallery

installation view - front gallery

installation view - front gallery

installation view - Tōtaranui

installation view - front through to back gallery

installation view - back gallery

installation view - open relationship (fresh)


In Baller, Miranda Parkes continues to extend the field of painting into three dimensions. There are new scrunched and billowed paintings, featuring gold and copper leaf folded in perpetuity. Ice princess and feverdreamer are the first substantially gilded paintings that Parkes has compressed into three dimensions. The very large open relationship (fresh) lights up the back gallery – a gently heaving mass that balances breath with tumult. It is a work consummately recycled from a 2015 installation at Tauranga Art Gallery.

There are also two paintings, the title work Baller, and jostler, where Parkes paints directly onto curiously contoured, commercial pallets mass produced in MDF. We watch the hand of the artist coming to grips with the industrial geography of an object. It is a testing relationship. Cavities are explored and embodied, with little paintings and other miniatures appearing within the larger painterly field. In this way, Miranda’s painting exists both independently of, but also as part of (or in honour of) its strange support. Sometimes colour and texture look wholemeal, like the support. More often however, Parkes’ joyful colour and strength of composition trump the repetition(s) of mass-produced industrial form.

So, visual and sensate experience do triumph here. The sparkling dynamism of a high summer’s day is captured in the diptych Tōtaranui. It is wonderful that experiential abstraction can so poetically describe landscape form. And in a rich suite of tabletop collages, human form is re-arranged with delight and vigour. Exploding the plates from a book of Modern Painting, these paperworks are surreal and fun and personal – with little details from the hand of Ollie, Miranda’s daughter. The intimacy of these collages feels very valuable to this exhibition.




Selected works

from exploded book: Modern Painting, 2023


Titles, media & dimensions of the 19 collages from Exploded Book: Modern Painting are shown in the 'Details of works' section at the bottom of this page.


Selected wall works

Baller, 2023    1200 x 1000 x 120mm

jostler, 2023    1200 x 1000 x 120mm


open relationship (fresh), 2022    2200 x 1900 x 380mm


feverdreamer, 2023    650 x 650 x 220mm


ice princess, 2023    450 x 450 x 150mm


Tōtaranui, 2022    diptych: each panel 1200 x 1200mm



Miranda and Jonathan hanging jostler in the front gallery

Meg and Jonathan hanging the diptych Tōtaranui in the front galley

Jonathan, Miranda and Meg hanging open relationship (fresh) in the back gallery



Details of works