Back Room Sectional Earth Office Pathology

May 14 - June 12, 2010

Robert Hood


stockroom installation

It's called Back Room Sectional Earth Office Pathology. Rob Hood has taken the opportunity of liberating the hallway and back room at Jonathan Smart Gallery of stock, and placing it in the centre and around the walls of the back gallery. The installation has Hood's Prime TV Gladiators lined up opposite Michael Parekowhai's larger-than-life Disney dolls in a marvellous stand-off of warriors of popular culture proportions.

BackroomPathology_billboard     hallway_posters_tyres

wrecked kilometreAnd from whence the Gallery stock came, Hood has installed further work of his own. There is for example, an eye-catching re-configuration of Wrecked Kilometre - Hood's re-appraisal of Walter de Maria's 1979 work, The Broken Kilometer, permanently installed at 393 West Broadway, New York City.



It's not every day that an artist enjoys the last exhibition in a space. Hood has done the occasion proud. And it is exactly what he has called it: a simple section through a back room that exposes a quirky sort of office pathology.

sixteen tyres          wizard staff_white void


Postscript: After a period of pack-out and re-fit, Jonathan Smart Gallery will be re-opening at 50 Salisbury St in early September, 2010