3(.)6 degrees of separation

May 6 - June 4, 2022

installation view - front gallery

installation view - front gallery

installation view - front gallery

installation view - front gallery

installation view - back gallery

In 3(.)6 degrees of separation, Julia Morison reprises an earlier work, Vademecum (1986), and continues to expand an on-going series of Omnium Gatherum works made since 2015. 

In Vademecum 1986, Morison references Kabbalistic material traditions to create her own symbolic code from ten logos combined, repeated and presented within a pyramid-like structure. Through this curious visual language, symbolism and logic are blurred into a strange and beautiful enigma. In its new iteration, Vademecum II is presented in our back gallery as ten rows, each containing ten works, stacked in a rectangular format.  The 100 drawings combine ten forms with ten different materials or qualities on various weights of papers or substrates. Substances employed by the artist include ash, clay, lead, dog shit, silver & gold leaf, ‘dragon’s blood’, iridescence (pearl dust), 'transparency' and rust. 

Gold leaf




Omnium Gatherum, meaning a collection or assortment of things, is another ongoing project featuring paintings that explore visual language through geometric form – which can be surprisingly fluid and often playful. In this sense, the latest series of ten works completed in 2022 and titled Omnium Gatherum: 10 degrees of separation, resembles Vademecums merging of logic and mystery through the obvious presence of a system - one that is constantly being teased, stretched and played with by the artist. 

Omnium Gatherum: 10 degrees of separation

Omnium Gatherum: 81 Omnium Gatherum: 75
Omnium Gatherum: 77 Omnium Gatherum: 74
Omnium Gatherum: 80 Omnium Gatherum: 82
Omnium Gatherum: 79 Omnium Gatherum: 73
Omnium Gatherum: 76 Omnium Gatherum: 78

more selected works from Vademecum II



'Dragon's blood'

Iridescence (pearl dust)

Dog shit


Silver leaf


All 100 Vademecum II works are available individually
Each unframed work measures approx 297 x 210mm
Please contact the gallery for further images and information


Jonathan Smart and Julia Morison (with Mouse) installing in the front gallery

Opening night

Julia Morison discussing her work Omnium Gatherum: 79 with a guest



Details of works