Jan 26 - Feb 17, 2018

Brenda Nightingale 

installation view - front gallery

installation view - back gallery
Brenda Nightingale's new show is simply called Water. Two distinct lines of research inform it: the modernist pots of senior Wellington potter Jill Bagnall; and supermarket trolleys as used by the homeless for portage and shelter.

The notion of vessel is also important here. Enjoyed in Bagnall's ceramics and Picasso's too, the fluidity of Nightingale's drawings animate the first space of this exhibition. They are often richly coloured and playful, and conjured in a variously brushed mix of watercolour and acrylic on paper. Their movement is a lovely counter to the weightier geometries of the significantly modified trolleys. Re-welded and beautifully lined with blue tiles grouted onto cement board, these unlikely objects feel like spa pools for the homeless or baby baths for the rich. Filled with water, we are reminded that this pristine element is an increasingly rare thing, fraught now with issues of ownership, exploitation and commerce. In New Zealand, its consumption is a democratic right, a civic responsibility. But who is really looking after the ledger of profit and loss?
Trolley 2 - front gallery
Trolley 1 - front gallery      Trolley 3 - front gallery
Paintings on linen round out the show in the smaller back gallery. Vessels dominate consistent centrally-focused compositions. However, it is the treatment of edge, sometimes layered and at other times cut-in, along with tonal scumbling of rich colour ranging from blue to yellow, orange and red, which give this suite of painting a singular haunting insistence quite different from the rest.

Selected works

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Water I    Water XIII     Water X    Water XII 
Water II    Water IV    Water VI    Water VIII



Water 1       Water 2       Water 8


Water 14       Water 15       Water 5



List of works

Trolley 1 - 3     cement board & glass tiles on abandoned trolley     1050 x 660 x 1020mm 

Water I - XIV     acrylic & watercolour on Fabriano 200gsm cotton     480 x 380mm & 380 x 270mm

Water 1      acrylic on linen      400 x 300mm    
Water 2      acrylic on linen      400 x 300mm     
Water 4      acrylic on linen      400 x 300mm    
Water 5      acrylic on linen      400 x 300mm     
Water 8      acrylic on linen      400 x 300mm     

Water 14     acrylic on linen      800 x 600mm     
Water 15     acrylic on linen      800 x 600mm     
Water 16     acrylic on linen      800 x 600mm     

All works are from 2018