Waiting for le Ma'oma'o

October 25 - November 10, 2012

Lonnie Hutchinson

This panoramic work is handcut in building paper. The rhythm of patterned tracery panels spaced around the room feels a little like being within a wharenui...



It is as well, an evocative document of a month in Samoa, July 2012, during which Lonnie visited her Mum's home village of Poutasi after the devastation wraught by the tsunami in September 2009. Hutchinson was also one of a group of artists that organised an art auction in Auckland to raise funds to help with the rebuild of Samoa, and gifted the proceeds to Andi Tafuna'i, Director of Women in Business and Development. The work also alludes to Hutchinson's photography of the night sky, waterfalls, and two of the most beautiful and elusive birds in Samoa -  the Manumea and the very rare black honey-eater, le Ma'oma'o.

detail  detail
detail detail
detail  detail  detail

installation view

The dimensions of Waiting for le Ma'oma'o are variable, but they are approximately 1350mm x 17 running metres x 200mm.


Lonnie1   Lonnie2

Lonnie gratefully acknowledges the support of Creative New Zealand and the National University of Samoa for her 2012 Artist's Residency.