They don't give medals to yesterday's heroes

October 16 - November 14, 2009

Ben Webb


Study 4 VII 09

A degraded sense of beauty haunts these new works by Ben Webb. Lush chrysanthemum images from the 50's are up-sized and commercially re-printed onto big sheets of etching paper. The enhancement of the slightly battered originals is complete when Webb, with canny control, works a wash of phosphorescent pigments over the top. So beauty in these blooms floats within a poured iridescence. Petals become anemone-like, form more fluid, and the feeling is both gritty and baroque.

Study NZ XI    Study 08    Study 30 VII 09


Details of works above...

Study 4 VIII 09 (diptych)      1020 x 1450mm                    
Study NZ XI 1010 x 730mm  
Study 08 960 x 670mm   
Study 30 VII 09                1010 x 730mm      


Additional works

Details of works as they appear above...

1. Study I X 09                980 x 770mm framed                
2. Study 20 VII 09 1220 x 900mm framed  
3. Study 08 960 x 720mm  
4. Study 1 VI 09 1010 x 700mm  

All works are oil, ink, gouache and metallic pigment on etching paper.