Stains / Tears

February 22 - March 26, 2011

Pauline Rhodes




There are branches of blackened gum tree prunings.

There is a boat of painted plywood - a cockpit lined with torn rice paper newsprint (Le
Monde diplomatique), and filled with paper spheres, paper covered tin cubes, and plaster bandaged wire tubes. The boat is attached to an anchor of marble and cast concrete by twisted silk material.

Flow - an iron oxide stained cloth hung from plaster covered wire tube

There are three tablets - three Oamaru stone slabs resting on three black sheep first

There are watchers - four iron rods forged at the top and covered with rice paper, held by steel stands under paper cones.

Pauline Rhodes might say stains and tears in the fabric of reality.

She talks of maritime connections, the fluidity of time, and links to the land.
She has also described the preparation process for installation as one of discovery,
involving putting things together into new relationships, associative and reactive. She
seeks the connectedness of ideas and things through meetings of chaos and chance. Matter filters into materials and organic form.

The materials are: stone, steel, wood, plaster, wire, fleece, cloth and paper.
Dimensions include:
Boat:  2400 mm long x 740mm wide
Watchers:  approx 1850mm high
Flow Cloth: 1640 mm long x 1200 wide.


cloth558    installation570
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