September 1 - 30, 2017

Saskia Leek
installation view - back gallery
Saskia Leek's Slopes comprises seven new works that continue her exploration of the architecture of painting, colour and brushstroke. Colour is a compound thing for Leek: a careful combination of flat tone against fluoro, of pure dense fields alongside those with transparent histories beneath, and layered yellows, oranges and blues that sing quietly or quite loudly beside one another.
Brushstroke can be important, as it is in Slopes#2 where brushed dry and wet there is movement in opposing directions which gives the painting its endearing and gentle charisma.
The architecture of painting, its structure and composition, is worked by Leek in a more traditional manner in Slopes#6 and Slopes#7. She has long been fascinated by devices of framing. Here she hops onto the frame in both works, paints frames within frames inside their compositions, and joins them with enigmatic diagonals that enhance the eerie but hauntingly beautiful landscape aspects shared by both paintings. Slopes#6 and Slopes#7 are classical Leek - absolutely!

Selected works

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Slopes#6        Slopes#7
Slopes#5        Slopes#4
Slopes#1        Slopes#2

Details of works
Slopes #1 - Slopes #7
oil on board    590 x 470mm   

All works are from 2017