November 30 - December 18, 2010

Group show









Selected Works

Study V 10
Ben Webb: Study V 10

Neil Dawson: Backtrack (Sweep)

WC SL 109
Jude Rae: WC SL 109

WC SL 110
Jude Rae: WC SL 110

The Bypass will relieve Pressure...
Robert Hood:  The bypass will relieve pressure on the visual field soon

Betwixt and Between
Lonnie Hutchinson: Betwixt and Between

from Tagata Kapakilosi
John Pule: from Tagaata Kapakilosi (Restless People)

Untitled (Red House)
Stephen Bambury: Untitled (Red House)

Untitled Ideogram2
Stephen Bambury: Untitled (Ideogram)

Dog Day Evening
Hannah & Aaron Beehre: Dog Day Evening



List of Works
Ben Webb
Study V 10, 2010
oil, ink, watercolour & opalescent pigments on rag paper, 960 x 1136mm
Neil Dawson
Backtrap (Sweep), 2010
painted steel, 370 x 1700 x 100mm
Jude Rae
WC SL 109, 2009
watercolour on rag paper, 530 x 630mm framed
Jude Rae
WC SL 110, 2009
watercolour on rag paper, 530 x 630mm framed
Robert Hood
The Bypass Will Relieve Pressure On The Visual Field Soon, 2007
collage of foil & plastic on paper, 760 x 760mm framed
Lonnie Hutchinson
Betwixt and Between, 2010
black building paper cut-out, 2800 x 700 x 120mm
John Pule
from Tagata Kapakilosi (Restless People, 2004), 2010
oilstick & ink on paper, 1000 x 710mm unframed
Stephen Bambury
Untitled (Red House), 2008
screenprint 14/20, 500 x 400mm framed
Stephen Bambury
Untitled (Ideogram), 2008
screenprint 13/20, 500 x 400mm framed
Aaron & Hannah Beehre
Dog Day Evening, 2010
inkjet print 2/3, 880 x 800mm framed
Jo Langford
"any dream will do", 2010
collage including LED lights & paint on board, 3/3, 440 x 340 x 95mm