March 10 - April 11, 2009

Group Show


Optimism installation back gallery

 Selected Works

Drummond samples and drawings
Andrew Drummond: Samples & Drawings
et al. shopping bags
et al. shopping bags (LUX) & (black)

Parekowhai Hansel & Gretel
Michael Parekowhai: Hansel & Gretel

Nathan Pohio: Hair Hare Here
Nathan Pohio: Hair Hare Here

John Pule: The day is long, night time is longer
John Pule: The day is long, night time is longer

Anton Parsons: All The Time
Anton Parsons: All The Time

Judy Darragh: Sunspots: Carolina & Helvetica
Judy Darragh: Sunspots

Beehre; Postcard to Lucy Moran
Hannah & Aaron Beehre: Postcard to Lucy Moran

Saskia Leek: Almost Everything
Saskia Leek: Almost Everything

Robert Hood: McCahon Thinking of Fried Eggs
Robert Hood: McCahon Thinking of Fried Eggs

Optimism - List of Works

Hannah & Aaron Beehre
Postcard to Lucy Moran. 2008
framed sublimation painting, 550 x 780mm

Mark Braunias
Swinger Wanted. 2005
enamel on board, 1200 x 970mm

Judy Darragh
Sunspots: Carolina & Helvetica. 2000
mixed media on paper, 680 x 980mm

Neil Dawson
Beams: White Houses; Red Darts; Gold Oaks. 2008
powder-coated steel, edition of 6, 1400mm high

Andrew Drummond
Penetrated Samples. 2008
patina on stainless steel
about compaction & reflection; after compaction, reflection; for compaction & reflection
drawings, 2009, mixed media on rag paper, 350 x 1000mm

et al.
untitled (futile objections). 2006
acrylic, oil stick, blind, liquitex medium, 980 x 1900mm
shopping bags: (LUX) & black. 2003-08
acrylic, paper, tape, glue, perspex boxes, 830 x 560mm

Robert Hood
McCahon Thinking of Fried Eggs. 2009
framed paper collage, 730 x 580mm
Saskia Leek
Almost Everything. 1997
oil & acrylic on vinyl, 380 x 300mm
Leigh Martin
Untitled (from the series Mute). 2008
resin & pigment on canvas, 660 x 555mm

Anne Noble
Ruby's Room #5. 2000-07
inkjet print on rag paper, 3/10, 890 x 1100mm framed

Michael Parekowhai
Hansel & Gretel. 2002
stainless steel, 1200 x 4010 x 580mm

Anton Parsons
All The Time. 2008
laquer & vinyl on aluminium, dimensions variable

Peter Peryer
McRae's Flat. 2007
colour photograph, 4/10, 920 x 1100mm framed

Nathan Pohio
Hair Hare Here. 2009
DVD, 1/3

John Pule
The day is long, night time is longer. 2008
oil, acrylic & ink on canvas, 1850 x 1850mm

Jude Rae
SL#228. 2008
oil on canvas, 300 x 300mm

Yuk King Tan
Untitled (Lion). 2008
silk tassle & mask