My Mother

April 17 - May 9, 2009

Lonnie Hutchinson


The Oxford Dictionary explains that motherfucker can be a noun or an adjective. You or I can be a motherfucker, the car can be a motherfucker, and there's also the motherfucking experience.

Commonly associated with the Black American community, and made popular by Melvin Van Peebles the first first independent Black film maker in his movie, BadAss, 1971. For the first time in film, the word motherfucker was heard on the big screen. The use of the word and its definition had changed, and the context had changed from the old black slavery days when it was a heinous crime.

There are two theories that exist: that a black slave as a severe punishment from their white master would be made to have sexual intercourse with his mother. Or, that a white master would have sexual intercourse with his black female slaves, and through this act he would be known as a motherfucker - not a rapist - while also growing his slave population.

Fa'alogomotherfucker means look here motherfucker.

Lonnie Hutchinson
April, 2009.










1.  Sweetas Motherfucker
  black acrylic 
  1/3, 500 x 950mm
2.  Whatthefuck...Motherfucker
  painting on Italian rag paper
  1550 x 1480mm
3.  fa'alogomotherfucker
  black acrylic
  1/3, 330 x 1700mm
4.  Motherfucker (necklace)
  18 carat gold on dipped steel 
5.  yesicanmotherfucker
  painting on building paper 
  1060 x 2200mm
6.  Comb (red)
  two-pot paint on steel,  
  1/6, 1100x 1100mm
7.  Comb (black)
  two-pot paint on steel
  1/6, 1100 x 1100mm

All works are from 2009