Mercury Rising

November 10 - 27, 2010

Group show


Jonathan Smart Gallery is delighted to have the use of a space at 115 England Street, Christchurch East. The gallery will continue to present the contemporary practice for which it is well known. We believe the new premises will offer terrific space both to look at art and to look to the future. And we look forward to seeing you all sometime during the programme of late 2010 through 2011.


Heather Straka: Betty II


Jude Rae: SL#268


Jude Rae: SL#270


Waharoa, Otakou
Neil Pardington: Waharoa, Otakou


Greek Athlete
Fiona Pardington: Greek Athlete


Neil Dawson: Plates


Earth Art Fault Lines
Robert Hood: Earth Art Fault Lines


Miranda Parkes: Kilter


Mercury Rising - List of Works

Heather Straka
Betty I, 2010
oil on stretched board, framed, 1000 x 800mm

Heather Straka
Betty II, 2010
oil on stretched board, framed, 1000 x 800mm

Jude Rae
SL#268, 2010
oil on linen, 660 x 610mm

Jude Rae
SL#270, 2010
oil on linen, 400 x 460mm

Neil Pardington
Waharoa, Otakau, 2010
LED print on dibond, framed,  1000 x 1200mm

Fiona Pardington
Greek Athlete, 2010
pigment on Hahnemuhle paper, framed, 1100 x 1300mm

Neil Dawson
Plates, 2010
painted steel, 1200 x 1600mm

Robert Hood
Earth Art Fault Lines, 2010
LED print, framed, 1/3, 720 x 720mm

Miranda Parkes
Kilter, 2010
acrylic & oil glaze on canvas, 400 x 380 x 160mm