May I Substitute You While I Am Away

November 08 - 23, 2013

Zhonghao Chen


Wrong Mouth of the House

Jonathan Smart Gallery is delighted to present its second solo exhibition by Zhonghao Chen, a recent graduate in painting from the Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury.

Clip Clop Clip    Igo
In this body of 14 works, Zhonghao has created painterly surfaces in his many and varied ways with brush, pallette knife, and quite possibly the kitchen sink. How he suggests narrative is also interesting: he hints at it, moves in one direction, then often deliberately confounds or obstructs it. Zhonghao gestures towards landscape - the foundation for composition in paintings where a horse drawn carriage is about to clip clop into oblivion, or a twister straight out of science fiction is about to overwhelm Dorothy's dream home in Kansas. Cataclysm is close, but good painting can save us. For Zhonghao is a wonderful romantic. He talks about democracy within a painting - he's a Utopian maybe. Some of these works feel awkward or even overworked, but he's nothing if not ambitious for paint. His compositions are stretched along diagonals, and teeter between careful figuration and exuberant abstract passages of thick, highly wrought paint.
Global Lovers Day    Hanging Onto    The Free Acoustic Spirit
Oral Wanderer May I Substitute You While I Am Away Ensordemic Blights Ensolate

Details of works
Igo,  1000 x 1000mm
Clip Clop Clip,  1100 x 1000mm
Community,  1000 x 1100mm
Wrong Mouth of the House,  1000 x 1200mm
Infrosonic Cynic,  800 x 300mm
Global Lovers Day,  400 x 400mm
Hanging Onto,  400 x 400mm
Oral Wanderer,  400 x 400mm
Shy Sign,  400 x 400mm
Tail Tale,  400 x 400mm
The Sound of Paint,  400 x 400mm
The Free Acoustic Spirit,  400 x 400mm
Ensordemic Blights Ensolate,  400 x 400mm
May I Substitute You While I Am Away,  400 x 400mm
All paintings are oil on linen, from 2012/13.