Deck: First Cut

May 12 - June 7, 2009

Neil Dawson

Deck installation
There is a lightness and freshness to Neil Dawson's new sculpture at Jonathan Smart Gallery. Playing cards, so humble and everyday, have been given a gentle sculptural tweak.

three cards installationThe exhibition is called 'Deck: First Cut', a title that hints at further possibilities. Dawson has taken six cards from different packs, screenprinted onto stainless their detail front and back, powdercoated the steel, then cut and rolled the works using their patterned backs as his starting point. Patterns of wheel, filigree and diamond have been immaculately reproduced on .7mm thin stainless, then flexed and twelve of clubs_frontopened up. The sculptures have a playfulness on the floor, as if they've been curled, dropped or placed casually, blown in by the latest breeze.

We see six cards twice, each being an edition of 6. Hence their print-like status, presented with genuine material ease at $4000 a cut. Now, there's experience for you.

 Selected works


1. Ace of Diamonds

2. Four of Diamonds

3. The Joker

4. Ten of Spades

5. Twelve of Clubs

6. Two of Hearts

All works are from 2009
made of screenprinted & powdercoated stainless steel
in editions of 6
approx. 400 x 600 x 150mm