June 3 - 25, 2011

Judy Darragh & Rachel Shearer

DATA detail

What might streaming information and the fibre optic cables bundled beneath the world look like? Try DATA - Judy Darragh and Rachel Shearer's sound / installation currently in Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch. This collaborative project images the unseen and suggests that which is not heard.

Darragh pays homage to Telecom - to those men in holes dedicated to the unbundling of our troubles. Men who hold our future in their hands. But Judy does it all in the studio, or from the confines of her couch, with a bundle of multi-coloured straws, some plastic cable ties and dashs of aluminium tape. And as always, she makes us smile. Friend Shearer overlays the sound - the sound of data streaming - crystalline, fast and eerie. And the work is complete - sinuous and labrynthine around the floor and up the walls of the gallery.

installation view      installation view



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DATA was previously seen on Waiheke Island, as part of Sculpture On The Gulf, from 28 January - 20 February 2011