March 18 - April 9, 2016

Neil Dawson

Jonathan Smart Gallery is delighted to present four key works by Neil Dawson from the early 80's. To be offered a "2nd Look", is to see just how fresh these things look reprised and re-presented 35 years on.

Similarly, the URL below to Peter Leech's text from Art New Zealand 25 (Summer 1982) "Elusive Objects - Recent Work by Neil Dawson" is well worth re-visiting. Befitting the work, it is a beautifully considered piece of writing.



Installation Views

White Cube - front gallery
White Cube
Red Stairs & Eyes - front gallery
Red Stairs & Eyes
Vertigo - back gallery


Individual Works

White Cube       White Cube - detail

Red Stairs  Red Stairs  Red Stairs
Red Stairs Red Stairs Red Stairs


Installation - Red Stairs & Eyes
Eyes       Eyes
Eyes - detail      Eyes - detail
Vertigo - side view
Vertigo - detail
Vertigo - detail
List of works
White Cube, 1980/2016
First shown in the Hansells Sculpture Exhibition, 1980, Masterton
Red Stairs, 1984/2016
First shown in '5 Large Works', 1984, City University of New York, NY, USA
painted stainless steel
Eyes, 1982/2016        
First shown in 1982 at the CSA, Christchurch
painted stainless steel, nylon
Vertigo, 1980/2016
First shown in 'Street Show', 1980, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch
acrylic, hat elastic, bronze wire
Installing White Cube         Opening Night - shadows