2000 Grounds For Error

May 13 - June 7, 2014

Julia Morison


Io       Hortense       Angelina
"Every night several hundred thousand Christchurch inhabitants sleep; and most of them will dream, even if they have no memory of the fact. What, following the ruin of our city, will they see?

2000 Grounds For Error gestures to the territory of the dream, to the aberrant, the elusive vision seen from the corner of the eye.

And given that our landscape has recently changed beyond words, it makes sense for the artist to catalogue the dreaming of her eye and hand in this show of cryptic objects, objects that slyly enumerate where Cantabrians have been over the last three years and where we might go next.

Which is not to say that Julia Morison's latest work is driven by a specifics of place. But its challenge to the ethics of framing, its deep affinities with the shadow side of the folk-tale and its refusal to tell it straight, means that these disorienting, near monochrome productions perversely locate themselves on the edges of chaos and ruin..."

From "I Spy With My Errant Eye: 51 Views For A City", the catalogue essay by Anna Smith for Julia Morison's 2000 Grounds For Error, first shown by Two Rooms, Auckland, in July/August 2013.
Orlando      Perry     Rosa
installation   installation

Details of works
Io            plaster, fibreglass & frame 680 x 430 x 30mm      
Hortense     plaster, clay, fimo & frame 790 x 410 x 55m  
Angelina plaster, rubber cord & frame 760 x 480 x 140mm     
Orlando plaster & silver leaf on frame 950 x 420 x 75mm  
Perry plaster, chain & frame 935 x 535 x 65mm  
Rosa plaster, Madame's blush & frame 135 x 95 x 40mm  
Ravenna    plaster, mirror, poly-foam & silver leaf on frame     600 x 860 x 150mm      
All works are from 2013