Marie Le Lievre

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Christchurch, New Zealand


2008    MFA (Distinction) Painting, University of Canterbury
2007    BFA Honours (First Class) Painting, University of Canterbury
2006    BFA Painting, University of Canterbury
1996     BA Criminology, Victoria University, Wellington

Awards / Scholarships

2021    Recipient CNZ Continuity Grant
2021    Finalist, Parkin Drawing Prize
2021    Finalist, Molly Morpeth Canady Award
2020   Awarded CNZ Continuity Grant
2018    Finalist, Parkin Drawing Prize
2018    Selected Finalist, Wallace Art Award
2017    Finalist, New Zealand Painting and Printmaking
2016    Highly Commended, Parkin Prize
2013    Finalist, Parkin Prize
2011     Awarded Canterbury Arts and Heritage Trust Award
2011     Selected finalist, Wallace Art Award
2009    Highly Commended Prize, Anthony Harper Award
2008    Masters Scholarship, University of Canterbury
2008    Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship
2008    Graduates Scholarship, University of Canterbury
2008    Selected Finalist, James Wallace Award
2007    Bickerton-Widdowson Scholarship
2006    Bickerton-Widdowson Scholarship

Solo Exhibitions

2023   Net Let, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2021   Never Not, Bartley + Co Art, Wellington
2020   Sounds Woo, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2020  Melbourne Art Fair (Bartley + Company Art), Australia
2019   God Jar, Bartley + Co Art, Wellington
2018   easy hard, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2018   Fix(es), Bartley + Company Art, Wellington
2017   Under High, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2016   Bulletproof Falling, Bartley + Co Art, Wellington
2016   Flipping Out, Trish Clark Gallery, Auckland
2015   Trappings, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2014   Nefarious: Flow State, Bartley + Company Art, Wellington
2013   On / Out, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2013   Madder Temple, Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland
2012   Orange Smoke, Bartley and Company, Wellington
2012   Marie Le Lievre, Peloton Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2011   Day Tripped, Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland
2010   Chamber, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
2009   Baggage, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022   Auckland Art Fair 2022, Bartley + Co Art, NZ
2022   Paint, Bartley + Co Art, Wellington
2020  Auckland Art Fair 2020, Bartley + Co Art, NZ
2018   Auckland Art Fair, Bartley + Company Art. New Zealand
2017   Sydney Contemporary, Bartley + Company Art. Australia
2018   Rock 'n' Roll, 30 years on, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2016   Group Show #54, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2016   Common Ground, Next, Christchurch
2015   Unseen: The Changing Collection, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu
2015   Solid Colour, Trish Clark Gallery, Auckland
2015   Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Bartley + Co Art
2015   Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum
2014   Five Painters, Bartley+Company Art, Wellington
2013   25/52, Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch
2013   Poste Concret2, ParisCONCRET Gallery, Paris, France
2013   Auckland Art Fair, Bartley and Company Art
2012   Post-geometric Organisms, ParisCONCRET Gallery, Paris, France
2012   Sendai Project, Birdo Flugas Gallery, Sendai, Japan
2012   Mixed Up, Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland
2011   35 Years in the Red Zone, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
2011   Poste Concret, ParisCONCRET Gallery, Paris, France
2011   Auckland Art Fair, Antoinette Godkin Gallery
2010   Four Artists Traveling in the World, Bartley and Company Art
2009   Cloud Nine, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu
2009   Masters 08, SOFA Gallery, Christchurch
2008   The Pretty Show, High Street Project, Christchurch
2007   Contemporary Emerging Artists Show, COCA Gallery, Christchurch
2006   Graduating Artists Show, COCA Gallery, Christchurch
2005   Four Painters, SOFA, University of Canterbury


2020   Neath, a moving image work in collaboration with Emma Wallbanks
2020   Nomadic Art Gallery - the New Zealand Chapter
2018   Gutznee St Billboard, Wellington - image of Paint Shadower, Violet on a 3m x 1.8m billboard
2017   Hotel Paintings, Christchurch CBD - paintings on balcony walls of an art-themed boutique hotel

Selected Public / Private Collections

James Wallace Collection, The Pah, Auckland
Fletcher Trust, Auckland
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu
University of Canterbury, Christchurch
Christ's College (CCOBA), Christchurch

Selected Publications / Catalogues

Net Let, Essay Rebecca Nash, 2023
Paint, Exhibition Catalogue 2022
Essay, Auckland Art Fair Catalogue, 2022
Never Not, Essay Alison Bartley, 2020
Power and Presence, Briony Downes, Art Collector Oct - Dec 2020
Sounds Woo Catalogue, Essays Jane Wallace and Rebecca Nash, 2020
2020 Essay, Dr Andrew Paul Wood, 2020
Page Work, Bulletin 197. Ken Hall, 2021
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A Magician Painting, Exhibition Catalogue for Bulletproof Falling, Bartley + Company Art, 2016, Ri Williamson
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu. Re-opening catalogue, 2015 (p. 81)
ParisCONCRET 2009 - 2014, (p. 90 - 91) Richard Van der AA
Marie Le Lievre, Catalogue for Paris and Sydney exhibitions, 2012, Andrew Paul Wood
Blood Orange, Catalogue for exhibition ParisCONCRET Gallery, Paris, France and Peloton Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2012, Jennifer Hay
Baggage, MFA Catalogue, Andrew Paul Wood, 2008
An Accessory for Abstraction - The Paintings of Marie Le Lievre, MFA Catalogue, 2008 Robin Neate
Oculus, Postgraduate Journal for Visual Arts Research, Issue No. 1, University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, 2009 (p.60)
Masters 08, Kim Lowe, Marie Le Lievre, Robin Neate, Christina Silaghi. SOFA # 59, University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts Gallery, Christchurch, 2008, Robyn Pickens

Selected Reviews

Postcards, Art News New Zealand Winter 2017 (p.96), Dr Andrew Wood
Gazing at Le Lievre's Glazes, Trish Clark Gallery. EyeContact, 2016, John Hurrell
Trappings. Art New Zealand #154, Winter 2015 (p. 39) Jamie Hanton
Echoing Colour, and More, Trish Clark Gallery. EyeContact, 2015, John Hurrell
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